Corridor EP Finally Released!

2017-09-08 12:32:12 by GDTriAxis

Hey everyone!

Now I know I haven't been active on NG for what... maybe, a year now? It's been a long time I know that much. But the whole reason i sorta gave up on this site was because I felt like what I was doing here lacked substance; the art I was posting in 2015 and 2016 looked all right but barely meant anything, so I just gave up on maintaining it. But oh boy how that's changed now! The last 4 audio pieces I've uploaded as of today are the four tracks of my very first EP titled "Corridor." and each one was a blast to create. This little EP has the substance I was looking for those years ago, and I wanted to kick off my activity on here with it.

So yeah, I might be on here more often now! From now on everything I put up here is going to have personal or symbolic depth to it, not just regular old sketches and whatnot, and I'm excited to be taking this step forward.

I hope you enjoy the EP! I tried so much different musical techniques and ideas to try and give off the message I wanted in it, every track is as vital as the rest in my eyes :)

And before I go, thank you for sticking around, love you all <3

Talking about NewGrounds

2016-04-23 10:21:19 by GDTriAxis

Hey everyone, I'd just like to take the time to talk about a bunch of things regarding what I do and plan to do on this website, just for you all to have a better insight to how I run things and also to clear up any uncertainties.

Firstly I'd like to say thanks to all the people who view, score, and review my art, it's always very helpful to hear your feedback so I can improve as an artist. I only do it as a hobby, and maybe sometimes you see my school artworks too, so I'm really thankful to be so priveledged as to have 127 fans, that's incredible!

I'd like to point out that I approve any and all friend requests, and read every message that is sent to me, but not always will you recieve a response, only if I think what you've said is worth the concern, so with that i'd like to ask you not to send me messages requesting I play your levels in GD or view your art/music.

Also in regard to music, I do not create any songs myself. Not only am I not musically oriented, but I don't have the proper equipment required to create decent compositions.

Lastly I would like to touch on my future plans for NG. Seeing as how school has really picked up for me recently, it's getting more and more difficult to create new artworks as my spare time is closing up, chances are you'll see more school projects rather than my own sketches or personal creations. So because of this, you shouldnt expect too much from me. I'll try to push out a few little works here and there so this doesn't happen, but knowing me those are likely not to come out xD

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this little block of text, and thanks for checking me out here :)